Cindy Duggin, LICSW

Counseling for your mental and emotional wellbeing.

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What is Wellbeing?

What does it mean to feel “well” mentally and emotionally? The answer is surprisingly similar from person to person. I ask each new client what brings them to therapy, and what they want out of it. Almost all of them answer with, “I just want to be happy again,” or “I want my peace back,” or “I don’t know how to be happy.” Couples say, “We want it to be like it was when we first got together.” It’s my job to help you define what is taking you OUT of your happiness, and uncover ways to identify what makes you happy, and how to get there. I believe that each of us has within us everything we need to create a more satisfying, happy life. Many things have occurred, sometimes all at once, to make that hard to maintain. I want to help you discover what gives you fulfillment and what changes can be made to enhance the quality of your life.